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Step 3. Click ok and wait until it sets up the temporary files. Step 4. Pick custom install. Step 5. Create a partition. Step 6. Install windows in the new partition Step 7. Advice next time create a copy in a safe place like dropbox or even My Documents, so next time you can use the LiveCD method. Pienkowski Featured By Owner Jul 2, I did every step as you wrote in instruction Under windows 7 ultimate 64 bit there is some issues Problem with all themes in the personalization window Huge problem with the min max and close button, doesn't matter if the are on the left or right side Pienkowski Featured By Owner Jul 3, Thanks for fast feedback from you Sorry if you take it as complaining I spent few hours fighting with it It was my first time changing windows theme this way So I'll try to everything again as you wrote, I'll text you how it goes after I'll finish it Anyway, grate job and big thx for help!

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Regards Darek. Thx, now everything is grate Few more little questions for you. How change Grey windows look to brushed aluminum one like in Os X 2. Is it possible to change the welcome screen without white background with your logo in the middle. It's not that i do not like your logo i got 30 inch Screen and your logo hes small resolution and also its mixing with icons when i go there to switch users If you could make id Grey or black Grate job once again Regards Darek.

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Temas W7 by jeivi View More. More from DeviantArt. Not currently featured in any groups. Show all 0. Submitted on February 19, File Size So this makes it more fun to work with windows. Uh… So I installed it and everything works fine, but for some reason, whenever I open iTunes, it shows up backwards…. Any solutions for this? Had already my personal Macbook but in office windows PC now it feels good :. Everything working fine with this TP… except Mozilla Thunderbird. Quote: First of all let me thank you, It works: Regarding the sound issue follow the steps it worked for me 1 Go to control panel 2.

Double-Click on the Sound Icon 3. Single-click the Speakers to highlight them 4. Click on Properties bottom right corner 5. Go to the Enhancements Tab and Click on it 6.

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Click OK and you should be good to go! I installed it and it worked great. I also installed rocket dock and the snow lepored skin to complete the look. Hi, i have games of steam.

If i do this will i still be able to play the games that are only compatible with windows 7? MY computer has no sound after installing this.. And a possible solution?? Macs are terribly expensive.

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Anyone knows the solution? I have to wait to get my Mac. Until then I want to start to get the feel of a Mac. Not only that, Mac looks really cool, so to make my windows look like that just feels nice. Obviously you were looking into it too if you found this page. When I go to install it, I am denied access because the error message told me that it cannot open modifype. Is there a theme with the neutral gray colors like this one, but without the overly mac-ish look the Apple logo, dock, etc…. Or something with the neutral gray look of the Adobe CS5 programs.

Now I know I know, I'm not a Mac fanboy, but […]. Check it out here: Mac Theme for Windows 7 Let's some other transformation software out there, anyone got any custom mods? Desktop: AMD […]. The theme pack is pretty […]. Is there a way to uninstall this!!! I find it lagging my computer a little….

Hi, this software is great. Everything is working well and nice but i seem to have a problem. Please help.

Thank you very much. Hello, I have a problem with this software. Pls help! I mean who wants to fake it and these things never work for me because it always takes too long and stuffs my computer and bla bla bla. So just some wise info, dont download these things.

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How do I fix this? Do you have to give you cell phone to the survey you must do? Will it charge me?

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Seems this is the only way to get this theme.. This looks nice, I wanna try it. Hey guys, i keep getting an error when i try to install..

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Please check that your disk is not full and taht you have access to the destination directory. Access is denied. What does it do? Nothing really… it just moves some things around, changes […].