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The AirPhone is a free program to run iPhone apps on Windows 7, 8.

Running the iOS simulator

The iPhone simulator , as the name suggests is the virtual version of the iPhone, which is useful to test the iOS applications on the PC. If you want to know how the iOS feels to use, you can download and install the iPhone simulator from their official website or any of the third party file sharing sites. Similar Post: Best Android Emulator for Windows So, the developers using the MacOS devices have to rely on the third-party software programs for run iOS app on Macintosh computers.

Apple itself owns the Xamarin TestFlight program, so it provides the nearest possible experience of running an iOS app on iPhone in Mac computer.

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This program comes with multiple useful features for the iPhone app developers. The AppSimulator. On the AppSimulator. Also, the iOS developers can upload and test their web apps on this site. The site does not support iOS games as of now. The best thing about the AppSimulator. The TestObject provides all the necessary features essential for running an iOS app on the computer. This is the best option for iOS developers who want to test and run multiple iOS apps once on a cloud.

With the features like Cloud Test, Virtual access to hundreds of iOS devices to test, shorter loading time and integration with GitHub make it ideal iOS apps emulator for Mac intended for use by developers. Also Read: The Responsinator is one of the oldest online iOS app emulator site.

Stay happy. Hi, thanks for reading my article. Your email address will not be published. August 26, Jonathan Jilaxzone 0 Comments alternatives to ios emulator , best ios emulator for android , best ios emulator for mac , best ios emulator for windows , free ios emulator download , free ios emulator for pc , jilax zone , jilaxzone , why there's no real ios emulator. Like I said, they are not real iOS emulator. To be specifics: The Best iOS Emulator: The rest are not worth mentioning here. The UI is also another strong part; it is self-explanatory, user-friendly, and works without any lag. I will be honest here, at first, I was under the impression that this is not a software to run iOS apps but for something related to food.

The naming scheme is the reason why I got confused. Luckily, the confusions went away soon after I downloaded and installed it. The Appetize. Downloading and using the emulator is free for the first hours.

Publisher's Description

This is not a bad fee at all for an emulator that aims to make things easy for a lot of people. If you are familiar with the Adobe AIR framework, then you must know that it is impressive, to say the least. It is good to see more programs being based on the same framework that is making the rounds for some time now.

The AIR iPhone is an emulator that is based on the same framework we have come to love. Installing and using this emulator is hassle-free, all you need to do is to download the emulator, install it along with the AIR framework, and you are good to go. Once all is done, you can go ahead and use the AIR iPhone without any issue.

The iPhone Simulator is mainly used for games because of the lack of advanced features, but the good thing is that it is not entirely a bad thing, to begin with.

Setup iOS 8 Simulator on OS X

For starters, you can replicate an iPhone with great ease and play all the games you want on it. The support is limitless, and you will not run into any issues. Considering how the purpose of this simulator is to focus more on the gaming side of things, the graphics are amazing. The iPhone Simulator is easy to use, and happens to be very convenient for both advanced, and intermediate users. However, there are some limitations to the use of Xamarin, for starters, the emulator will only run apps that are developed to run on iOS 8.

As compared to some of the other options that are available in the market, the Xamarin TestFlight is a bit complicated to properly run. It is more suited for professional use rather than conventional use but works well in both cases. If you can get over the learning curve, the TestFlight happens to be a great iPhone simulator.

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The next one is the Electric Mobile Studio, a professional grade mobile iOS emulator that is used by professionals. It offers a lot of features that cater to both iPhone, as well as iPad web-development.

While it might be expensive for many people, it certainly is a good investment if you are looking for a full-blown alternative that will work in every case. Simply put, if you are a professional developer who is looking for something more than just an emulator, the Electric Mobile Studio is a great option that you should definitely consider. Ripple is among my favourite emulators that are available for iOS. Most of the emulators that I try or review are normally focus towards intermediate use. Meaning there is not a lot of substance in them.

However, there are some exceptions that go above and beyond to provide the best emulating experience. One such example is Ripple, a brilliant emulator that is used for testing old and newly developed applications, as well as older applications. The software is still in beta stage, so some bugs are going to be there, but for the most part, it works wonderfully. The good thing here is that the software is light on resources, and will not run into hiccups or other similar issues. But at the same time, the fact that it is more centered towards gamers shows that it will cater more towards specific features than the overall iOS experience.

If you are familiar with Xamarin and their amazing dedication to the simulator market then you would be pleased to know about the Remoted iOS Simulator that they have developed. The good news is that with this emulator, you will have no problems whatsoever when it comes to testing out the iOS applications on your PC.

Whether you are a developer, or just someone who wants to see whether or not the Apple ecosystem is for the, this emulator gets the job done without any issues whatsoever. As a developer, one of the best things about this emulator is that I can easily debug with the help of Windows Visual Studio Enterprise, making this emulator my favourite. One more thing that I would like to mention here is that emulator makes the entire experience so much easier, and you really do not have to worry about anything.

The software is super simple and easy to use. Many people might find this ironic, but if you are a Mac user and still want to test your iOS apps to ensure that they are working the way they are supposed to, then the iOS emulator for Mac is what you need. Luckily, there are some iOS emulators for Mac available for download, but they are not available in abundance, so you have a few choices.