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Is the problem still there? There is security software that can interfere with loading content, so check that as well. Google maps has worked just fine before exactly the way FF is set up now. I believe the last Firefox upgrade is causing this problem.

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Thanks for all your help but so far, no luck You can check the Network Monitor to see if content is blocked or otherwise fails to load. As I was browsing around online, I began to notice that some flash content was intermittent.

Most of the time it was working but on rare occasions, the Flash contents wouldn't be there. So a quick page refresh and there it was. I then reinstalled the latest version of Flash and the same problems continued.

google maps not working

Another issue I had is I blanked my monitor after 5 minutes of inactivity and around 20 minutes or so after the monitor had powered down, wiggling the mouse would normally wake the monitor back up. But what happened instead is the computer would hard boot itself. This issue so far has disappeared as well. I'm just making you all aware of the symptoms so you can quickly recognize the disease and prescribe the right medicine for a quick cure. Thanks again for your help Home Support Forum Firefox google maps not working.

Support Forum. The patagonia homepage is an example. ElDiabloConCaca U. The Patagonia site you linked to doesn't show a map for me when selecting any location in the UK, no matter what browser I use -- it looks to be broken on the server side, and there's nothing you can do about that.

How to Fix "This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly" Error -

When selecting a location in the US, it works fine for me on all my browsers Safari and Firefox included. Does it show a map for you for locations in the US? Can you provide a link to a web page with an embedded Google map that works for you in Safari, but does not work in Firefox? Giaguara Chmod Staff member. Believe or not Patagonia has maps.. Spain shows map on default size - for Barcelona you see everything from Hospitalet to Blanes.

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And Canada has maps Ah, I just found that "Leeds" works -- it offers two maps to view. Some other places under the UK don't seem to have any maps at all, and no real "error message" or verbage stating so Could it be that Firefox and Safari are both working fine on your system, and perhaps you're just trying to view an area that has no associated map?

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Do you have JavaScript turned on in Firefox's preferences? Here is the procedure:.

Firefox can't see embedded Google Maps on any Page

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