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A connection timeout occurred mac os x lion

However, this isn't the desired solution for obvious reasons. On the Mac, I removed the old network settings. I also removed the old network passewords from the Keychain. I doubt this will work, but I'm running out of options. I'm not a tech guy. I am not sure if it is a router problem or what but we use the iMac and MacBook Air at the same time quite often. Checked on the Brother website - nothing.

How do I change wifi network name and password? This WIFi works with various other domestic items. The problem appears to be associated with the Apple WiFi password. I have been using this password for several years before buying my Apple iMac without any problem.

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Configuration: I have the latest iMac running Mountian Lion. Occasionally the internet and server indicators go to yellow and then red resulting in no connection. Eventually the Internet and Server indicators return to green and the connection is restored. When they are yellow or red, it affects all processors in the house iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPod, etc.

Wi-Fi connection often stops after lion has been asleep. Other devices have no such problem. All was fine until this week. Lion is barely 3 months old. It's not a drag to reconnect, but should I have to? I have studied this topic in this support group many times and tried many of the suggestions offered, such as deleting key chains and changing routing numbers and others. However, I still frequently get the connection time out message, several times a day and it is sooooo frustrating. I use a portable personal wifi hotspot from Verizon.

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network "The Wi-Fi network " " could not be joined."

I will be on the web and watch the wifi box green lights glow and get frequent disconnects with the message saying a connection time out occurred. I complained to Verizon and they replaced the wifi box - same problem. All those green lights on the wifi box glow and my verizon wifi is listed in the wifi choices pull down menu - my mac clearly sees it - but I have to click on it and get the time out occurred message several times before it reconnects.

I called support and after quite a lengthy "try this" session, I was told that this was a known problem. On a whim, I turned on WiFi and that did it. The MacBook Pro is now found and its location reported.

My airport keeps dropping and it is wasting so much of my time. I have tried all the methods suggested online and none of the worked.

How to Fix OS X 10.10.2 WiFi Problem after Yosemite Update?

I want to go back to snow leopard but I don't have my disc. And can I have my money back from Lion? I really will not use that until it is fixed. For couple of months, I'm dealing with dropping wifi connection during working. Every a few minutes, even during surfing though internet pages, wifi connection drops. When you look at the signal level etc.. For a while, connection drop happens again.

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After switching to a new provider and getting a new dsl modem a fritz! Now the weird thing is: my Mac Mini running OSX Lion Server doesn't seem to be able to connect to the internet over its ethernet port, only when using a WiFi connection As long as I use the mini servers WiFi connection everything works fine, but that doesn't make any sense to me. I've checked the servers setting and the Fritz! Of course I could just go on and use the WiFi connection I even tried the exact same cable with another laptop just to make sure Info: various.

I have had problems with both the modem and an Airport Extreme, which eventually died, but I am back up again with the modem via the FON router. The odd thing is that I can't get Ethernet to work over a direct connection to the modem. Diagnostics tells me that the ISP and Internet fails.

I can connect to the modem over Ethernet, however, change its settings etc.

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In short, Ethernet connection to modem works. But the Ethernet configuration does't go that last bit, it only works locally. Using that route, I can't connect to the outside world. I have restarted the modem, the computer etc. How do I best troubleshoot this?

How to spoof your MAC address on Mac OS X (for reals)

I am getting an AirPort Express, perhaps it will work better with the modem that the computer itself, but I doubt it. Since upgrading to Lion I've had the problem with wi fi losing connection and this seems to be common? The Apple support talked me through a change in system config. I'm no expert and not sure if I could repeat if needed. The support desk could not guarantee that this will permanently fix the problem though. Info: Mac OS X My connection cuts out regularly every 10 - 15 minutes despite having a full wifi signal.

It is happening on two different routers, in two different locations with two different ISP's. When I run Network Diagnostics ISP is the test that fails, but after a couple of seconds diagnostics fixes it until the next 10 - 15 minutes. The only other alternative is turning wifi off and on. Both of these only last for the 10 - 15 minutes before it cuts out again.

Open System Preferences. Click on Network. In the window that loads after that, near the top, is a drop-down menu labelled "Location:" Click on the drop-down menu and choose "Edit Locations A new line will appear ready to be given a name. I usually enter the date to help me keep track of when I made the new location, and to help prompt my memory why I did it.

Could Not Write Installation Information to Disk

Give it a name. When you click ok that new location will load automatically. You may have to delete the extra connections you don't use, such as Bluetooth PAN, or Firewire, just to keep the side pane clean. But no one really knows why it lost the connection in the first place.

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Just a weird bit about OS X. Been there, done that. I found the source to my problem, but not something that might be a general answer for all with this problem. After exhausting the other answers here, I just started trying anything. What I discovered was that I have an external HD connected by firewire, and had it running when I rebooted after installing software. With the drive running, no connection. I shut off the drive and it immediately connected. Go figure! It runs fine of I start the drive after startup, but not during. Mac Mini C2D 2. Perhaps the wires acted as antenna or otherwise changed the power available to the Wi-Fi chipset, but I'm not seeing these timeouts after changing my connected devices and cables.

Going into keychain and deleting the entry for the wifi network solved it. Just connected to the network again and entered my credentials. There was something wrong with either the password I doubt this or the authentication mechanism that was somehow paired with the keychain entry. Anyway, this also means that going the manual way, as suggested by drovnik will also work, though I have not tried it. You can try resetting the connection information for your router by "forgetting" the router information:. You can't transmit on the same channel as other wifi networks.

If there is a conflicting router, it may be taking precedence over your router. Open the wifi menu and click "Join Other Network In pop-up dialog explicitly enter the network name, encryption method and password. That's it.